Homemade Merguez sausage meat recipe in the Thermomix


Homemade Merguez sausage meat recipe in the Thermomix

For those of you who follow this blog, or know us personally, you will know that DH reached the tender age of 50 recently.

And with this milestone, comes the inevitable mid-life crisis.

Luckily he hasn’t traded me for a younger model or purchased a bright red Ferrari.

Instead, he has now joined the ‘making from scratch’ brigade, foraging for food whenever he can.

Books such as ‘The Art of Fermentation‘, ‘River Cottage Curing & Smoking‘ now take pride of place on his bedside table and he is happily busy making lots of things from scratch  – from jam to real ale, via wine, sake, saurkraut, mozzarella, and cordial to name just a few.

This weekend he ventured into the world of homemade sausages, merguez sausages to be precise. We don’t have a sausage casing machine… yet. So off he went to a friend with his merguez sausage mix he had proudly made in the Thermomix.

Too few of us (including us, up until just now), realise just how little effort it takes to actually make our own sausages, controlling the quality, flavours and what actually goes in them. We are most certainly investing in a sausage casing machine soon.

In the meantime, these merguez sausages were so damn good, I had to change my blog schedule to share this recipe with you.

I made a couscous in the Thermomix to go with them – recipe to follow shortly.

Makes around 600g sausages

Active time: 1 minute


  • 1 garlic clove
  • Peel of 1 lemon
  • 500g minced lamb (shoulder is perfect)
  • a good pinch smoked paprika
  • 1tsp ground cumin
  • 1tsp ground coriander
  • a pinch cayenne pepper
  • 2tsp harissa paste
  • 2tbsp breadcrumbs
  • 1 pinch black pepper
  • 8g sea salt

Let’s go…

  1. Add 1 garlic clove and the peel of 1 lemon to the mixing bowl. Chop for 5 seconds / speed 5. 
  2. Add all the other ingredients. Mix for 15 seconds, speed 6.
  3. That’s it – done and ready to get stuffing as per sausage stuffer instructions.

Delicious. Bon appetit x


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