Top 6 Thermomix Facebook groups

Top 6 Thermomix Facebook groups


If there’s one thing that can be said about having a Thermomix, it’s that you’ll never be short of a recipe. There is some truly amazing stuff being cooked out there.

But where do you find them? Yes, Cookidoo is amazing and the books are awesome.

For getting to know your Thermomix, sharing hints and tips on recipes, or simply asking for advice to thousands of experienced owners all over the world, there is no better place than a good Facebook group.

Whether you are a brand new Thermomix owner, need to get your Thermomix mojo back or are looking for ideas and inspiration, there will be a group out there for you.

Here’s a list of my top 6 Thermomix Facebook group, the ones where everyone is super friendly and helpful and where I’ve got so much inspiration from over the years.

Please note that a lot of groups are from Australia as it is the biggest Thermomix English speaking market in the world at the moment. Basically everyone has one over there and so their Facebook community is very big!

Here’s the top 6 (in no particular order):

Skinnymixers – 154,000 members –

A group passionate about healthy thermal cooking, eating, lifestyles & sharing their knowledge.

Thermomix TM5 Hints, Tips & Recipes – 77,000 members-

Aimed for those of you who are thermo owners/ interested in purchasing/ or just plain curious about the thermo way of cooking! We encourage EVERYBODY to share their knowledge, and no question is a silly question!

The Road to loving my Thermomix questions group – 28,500 members –

Thermomix UK – 877 members –

ThermoMumma – 81,000 members –

For all things thermal recipe/cooking!

ThermoCooking UK – 1,800 members –

An independent group of thermo gadget owners based in the UK.


What is your favourite Thermomix Facebook group? Comment below, we’d love to hear and share!




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