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22 cheap and cheerful family-friendly Thermomix recipes that cost under £10

Here are top family-friendly Thermomix recipes that are easy to put together, especially if you have a Thermomix, have been tried and tested and enjoyed by our family and will cost you less than £10 in total.

Meal planning, together with online shopping – which removes most of the temptation supermarkets rely on so heavily to make you part with more money that you need to – is the single most effective thing you can do to save money. Period.

Pick 5 dinners and buy only the ingredients you need. It will not only save you hundreds of pounds a year but also avoid a huge amount of unnecessary food waste. Win-win!

Costs are based on shopping at Sainsbury’s (which is where I shop). Obviously, if you shop at Lidl or Aldi, it will be even cheaper for you and if you shop at Waitrose, it’ll probably be a bit more expensive.

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Croque Monsieur – the ridiculously French one so that you can pretend you’re seating at a Parisian café reading Sartre – £5.58

Image-1 (19)

Chunky beef ragu – Thermomix adaptation of a Hello Fresh recipe – £5.83


Mint & feta lamb meatballs – with or without a Thermomix – £7.08

Image-1 (5)

Thermomix Tom Kha Gai soup – £7.19


Delia Smith’ Thai chicken with lime and coconut cream – adapted for the Thermomix – £7.30


Chicken in a creamy chorizo sauce – £7.70


Beef meatballs curry – with or without a Thermomix – gluten-free – £8.17


Herby sausage bolognese – a HelloFresh recipe cooked in the Thermomix – £8.61


Tasty chicken wraps with potato wedges and simple salad – A Hellofresh recipe in the Thermomix – £8.90


Creamy turkey masala with veggie-packed rice– A Hellofresh recipe in the Thermomix – £9.50


Hearty sausage cassoulet – Thermomix recipe – £9.75



Fish tagine – with or without a Thermomix – £4.70

Image-1 (20)

Creamy courgette, parmesan & smoked salmon risotto in the Thermomix – £6.57


Kedgeree in the Thermomix – £7.81

Image-1 (21)

Smoked salmon pizza – £8.45


Creamy fish curry with rice and coconut – Thermomix adaptation of a Hello Fresh recipe – £8.72


The easiest and yummiest Thermomix fish pie – £9.23



Thermomix creamy courgette farfalle pasta – £2.42


Cherry tomato clafoutis (kla-FOO-tee) – with or without a Thermomix – £3.24

Image-1 (2)

Thermomix one pot creamy mushroom pasta – £4.25


Super (and I do mean super) nachos Thermomix recipe – £6.32


Chakchouka – A Tunisian dish of tomatoes, onions, peppers, spices, and eggs. With or without a Thermomix – £7.15

Image-1 (11)




Made with a hint of large family madness, a pinch of dinner parties and a scoop of easy and quick recipes, this blog is a well-round concoction (!!) of tried and tested food we love.

The gang is made off a mum, a dad, 4 girls (aged 17, 15, 6 & 6) and 1 dog. That’s a lot of people to please when it comes to dinner time.

The 2 main characters in the story are: Maud (the human mum) & Momo (the Thermomix), we were both born in France, both have a passion for cooking, simple, tasty food – cooking & baking makes us happy!

Coming soon:
How to get this week's dinners ready in under an hour.
Cook once, eat 5 family dinners.

That's 5 dinners, 50 minutes preparation max, that will then require less than 5 minutes of your time and 20 minutes unsupervised cooking max from start to table, every night.

>>> So much better for the mental load
>>> No food waste so better for the wallet and the planet
>>> Healthy, prepared from scratch dinners

We hope you leave this site with either the inspiration to try out a new recipe, a new skill or an idea for your next cooking adventure.

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