Creamy fish curry with rice and coconut – Thermomix adaptation of a Hello Fresh recipe


Creamy fish curry with rice and coconut – Thermomix adaptation of a Hello Fresh recipe

With small kids to feed, we don’t like anything too hot in this house. What happens usually is that I cook everything mild and DH adds his own chilli flakes.

With this HelloFresh recipe, this is exactly what happened. When they say that this curry doesn’t bite as its north Indian spice is tempered by a creamy sauce with the added sweetness of coconut, they are absolutely right. There was nothing to be afraid of!

And DH was happy with his added chilli flakes too!

It is simply delicious and one I will do again and again.

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Serves 4

Active time: 10 minutes – Total time: 25 minutes – COST: £8.72


  • 1 onion – £0.17
  • 1 garlic clove – £0.05
  • 1 red pepper, sliced – £0.50
  • 1 small bunch coriander – £0.70
  • 500g fish mix – salmon, prawns, white fish – skinless and boneless but kept whole – £5.00
  • 25g desiccated coconut – £0.60
  • 4 cardamon pods – £0.05
  • 300g Basmati rice – £0.45
  • 2 tsp North Indian curry powder (1 pinch of each: fenugreek, black peppercorns, ginger, turmeric, cardamom, cumin, cloves, coriander, cinnamon, red chilli, cayenne) – £0.10
  • 1 tin plum tomatoes – £0.50
  • 1 vegetable stock pot – £0.31
  • 100g creme fraiche – £0.29

Let’s go…

  1. Add one onion, halved, one garlic clove and a small bunch of coriander to the mixing bowl. Chop for 5 seconds / speed 5. Scrape down the sides.
  2. Add a good gulp of oil and cook for 5 minutes / 100C / Speed low
  3. In the meantime, boil some water in a large saucepan. Add a large pinch of salt and 4 cardamom pods. Bring to the boil and add 300g rice. Cook as per packet instruction.
  4. Add the sliced red pepper and curry powder to the mixing bowl. Cook for 5 minutes / 100C / Reverse speed low.
  5. Add one tin plum tomatoes, 100ml water, one vegetable stock pot, 100g creme fraiche and 500g fish mix, keeping the pieces whole. Cook for 10 minutes / 100C / Reverse speed low.
  6. Add 25g desiccated coconut and cook for a further 5 minutes / 100C / Reverse speed low.
  7. Drain the rice, remove the cardamom pods.
  8. Serve the rice in a bowl with a good spoonful of fish curry on top. Sprinkle with coriander leaves for anyone that wants it!

Delicious. Bon appetit x

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  1. I have just tried this recipe for dinner tonight. It was well received by everyone. Where do you buy the spice mix from?

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